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About Inside The Ears

Inside The Ears is an all encompassing fansite for our favorite California (and sometimes beyond) theme parks. ITE originally was dedicated to the wonderful world of Disney but as we quickly came to find out, our interest lay beyond the palace walls. Our digital publication gives our readers the unique ability to reach into all areas of theme parks and as our site and readers grow, we want to be able to share our vast knowledge with all of you.

Our Audience

Our readers come from all across the world from boundless backgrounds! There is a lot going on and a lot more to report on! Our reviews, news and articles are meant to engage with the little kid in all of us in hopes that we can bring some magic back into your life.

As we grow our online presence steadily, we will be covering multiple grounds and theme parks and this is only the beginning! Inside The Ears strives to be your go to publication! Whether you are deciding on where to dine in Disney, to what types of rides are best for kids at Universal Studios; we want to be there to help with it all.

A Message From Our Editor in Chief:

I created Inside The Ears for you! As a fellow Disney fan that has amassed a plethora of information on the various parks and attractions, I wanted an outlet I could share the magic with my audience. There is something that is just so exhilarating about enjoying a Mickey pretzel in Disneyland, riding Toy Story Mania over and over again at California Adventure Park and watching Disney classics after a long week. I want to bring the magic to you in the comfort of your own home or while you are waiting in line at the grocery store. I hope the content you find here is useful, fun and nostalgic! Enjoy!


Pricilla Kumar

*Inside The Ears is not affiliated with The Walt Disney Company in any way. All Disney parks, attractions, lands, shows, event names, etc. are registered trademarks of The Walt Disney Company.